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Fuze and Theta Lake Partner to Deliver Safe, Secure, and Compliant Communications

Posted by Anthony Cresci on Mar 11, 2021 10:33:58 AM
Anthony Cresci

It’s not a surprise that the work-from-anywhere model is here to stay. Many organizations would go as far as to say that it will become the new normal, where the physical location is secondary to the collaboration tools as to where business is actually conducted. With the rapid implementation of collaboration and communication tools, critical information is being shared across various channels. As a result, the attack surface for enterprises is widening, making it increasingly difficult to manage compliance protocols and reduce the potential of a data leak. With that, businesses face a new series of regulatory challenges for business preservation and supervision of Unified Communications from industry regulations like Dodd-Frank, PCI-DSS, and MiFID II.


"As a trusted partner for some of the world’s major global enterprises, Fuze recognizes the increased demand to enable a safe, secure, and compliant unified communication experience", said Tim Puccio, VP Global Channels & Alliances at Fuze. "Partnering and integrating Theta Lake's market-leading security and compliance capabilities with Fuze provides tremendous value to our customers by helping streamline compliance, supervision, and data privacy across their calling and chat communications."

As businesses emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and embrace a hybrid model of in-person and remote work, using various mediums, the need for compliant communication tools is at an all-time high. Theta Lake recognizes this need and offers leading compliance functionalities purpose-built for unified communications, including long-term SEC 17a-4 archiving, robust search and eDiscovery, risk management, PCI redaction, and data leakage detection to protect employees and organizations from potential risk.

Theta Lake’s native integration with Fuze, helps enterprises not only meet regulatory requirements to preserve business communications, but also provides automated analysis of all unified communications to help illuminate compliance, employee misconduct, data leakage, and acceptable use risk in voice and chat communications. These insights enable firms to mitigate risky behavior well as identify training and coaching needs to prevent future risk.      

When Combined, What Solution Does Fuze and Theta Lake Offer?

  • Call recordings and chat messages can be captured directly from Fuze and stored in Theta Lake’s SOC 2, Type II, WORM compliant archive with custom retention polices and legal-hold capabilities.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) provide more efficient and effective risk detection across calls and chat communications. This powers an AI-assisted workflow to focus review efforts on content with identified risks.
  • Purpose-built media player and voice transcription help streamline review and playback of call recordings, plus a native chat viewer enables richer search capabilities for eDiscovery across what was said, shared, or written.

In our current reality, and with the real possibility that some version of a hybrid-work model will become a permanent fixture for many organizations, the C-Suite will need to implement collaboration tools that are compliant and support full enterprise usage at scale. We are thrilled to partner with Fuze and offer business leaders integrated tools to seamlessly adapt to the influx of communications data and streamline the compliance process.

To read the press release announcing Theta Lake’s partnership with Fuze, click here. 

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Theta Lake provides security and compliance for modern collaboration platforms using frictionless partner integrations with Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Slack, Zoom, and more. Using patented machine learning and NLP, Theta Lake detects risks in: video, voice, chat, and document content across what is shared, shown, spoken, and typed. Those risks are surfaced in an AI-assisted, patent-pending review workspace that adds consistency, efficiency, and scale for security and compliance teams. All of this enables organizations to safely realize the full ROI of a collaboration-first workplace while reducing the cost of security and compliance.

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