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Public Records Requests: The challenge of identifying data within modern communications

Posted by Stacey English on Jul 14, 2021 9:30:00 AM
Stacey English
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As state and local government employees use collaboration and chat tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, RingCentral and Slack to interact with each other and the public, the ability to search the full range of communications and content is critical.   Whether it's a shared screen, whiteboard or chat conversation, government organizations must be able to quickly identify information about a specific individual or topic to meet public records requests. The legacy technology tools that agencies use to perform basic keyword searches on email, SMS, or social media content are insufficient in the era of collaboration and dynamic chat. State and local governments must ensure that their platforms for search, retrieval, and management of data align to the new applications employees are using for day-to-day business interactions. 

Hear how Theta Lake addresses these issues with a solution built to solve state and local government challenges:


"Setting up Theta Lake's archive and search with Webex Teams was faster and easier than we could have imagined.  Our rapid growth in usage of collaboration tools and the increase in communications we need to capture and be able to produce for information requests would have been a concern without the combined Theta Lake and Cisco solution.  Being able to capture all aspects of chat messages and all the items within it, search on a host of criteria, and have the system be intelligent enough to understand exactly what we were looking for has definitely solved our requirements and made our jobs easier and more efficient."

- IS Deputy Director

Find out how Theta Lake can enable your organization to quickly, easily and accurately respond to public records requests.

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