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Can You Hear Me Now? Voice Compliance Takes Center Stage at XLoD Global 2024

Posted by Garth Landers on Jun 20, 2024 1:00:00 PM

XLoD Global 2024, held in NYC on June 11 brought together regulatory intelligence leaders, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts from around the globe focused on organization experiences, best practices and technology approaches to the three lines of defense for risk and audit scenarios. While there were a broad array of topics covered- from AI and blockchain to cybersecurity and IoT, the issue of voice compliance- and how to best approach it was a topic that surfaced itself in numerous panel sessions, roundtables and customer interactions. As seen in one session, 67% of the audience is seeing an increase in voice compliance regulatory inquiries and exams.

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Zoom Compliance Manager Further Validates Need for UCC Compliance

Posted by Garth Landers on Apr 9, 2024 8:30:10 AM


The news

A number of events in the past few years have validated the Theta Lake thesis that successful unified communications and collaboration (UCC) requires seamlessly integrated compliance and security. One of the first signifiers was the 50M series B round investment in Theta Lake, which included participation by some of the leading UCC providers including Zoom Video Communications Inc, RingCentral Ventures, Cisco Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. The market need has also been proven (an understatement) by the 2.6B in regulatory fines that have been levied on the financial services industry due to poor recordkeeping and unmonitored communications. The latest far reaching market event and a benefit to organizations everywhere, waslast month’s announcement from Zoom of the availability of Zoom Compliance Manager, powered by Theta Lake.

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The Toggle Tax: Compliance for UCC Produce Productivity Challenges

Posted by Garth Landers on Apr 4, 2024 9:00:00 AM

The toggle tax is a concept introduced by Harvard Business Reviewto describe the amount of time users spend (and waste) toggling between their different workplace applications. While it may seem like just a measure of the time users spend, the study reveals that there is an enormous cognitive toll that takes place as users engage in what is known as context switching, and recalibrating themselves. As a result, it leads to losses in productivity.

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Gartner's Digital Communications Governance Market Guide: What You Need To Know

Posted by Garth Landers on Dec 5, 2023 8:59:58 AM

Gartner introduced a new market category earlier this year, Digital Communications Governance (see our earlier blog here). Recently in November, they published the first Market Guide, outlining what constitutes a DCG vendor and offering some guidance. 

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Unlock Compliance and Collaboration: Theta Lake Now Available in Zoom ISV Exchange!

Posted by Garth Landers on Nov 16, 2023 8:45:07 AM

Since 2018, Theta Lake has partnered with Zoom to provide cutting-edge compliance and security for Zoom's unified communications (UC) platform. Our expertise in delivering advanced, purpose-built compliance and security technology perfectly complements Zoom, particularly in addressing the specific requirements of risk-sensitive and regulated organizations when using Zoom. As one of the select group of strategic partners chosen to participate in Zoom’s ISV Exchange Program, it is now easier than ever for organizations to benefit from Theta Lake’s purpose-built compliance platform to ensure that all communication content is securely captured, preserved, and supervised.

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Theta Lake Support for Salesforce Chatter, Continuing our Support for Salesforce Communications

Posted by Garth Landers on Sep 7, 2023 7:57:47 AM

The Salesforce ecosystem encapsulates a wide spectrum of communication types, including instant messaging, enterprise social and email messages to support customer relationship initiatives worldwide, across centralized, hybrid and remote work environments. Firms use Salesforce technologies to foster communication, support customer engagement and ensure customer retention. 

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Enhancing Work Management with Theta Lake: Integrating Asana and

Posted by Garth Landers on Aug 1, 2023 8:45:15 AM

In today's dynamic business environment, with teams often distributed across multiple geographies, effective work management is crucial for organizations to stay organized, collaborate efficiently, and meet project deadlines. To streamline work processes and enhance productivity, many companies rely on popular work management tools like Asana and However, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks associated with these platforms can be challenging. 

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Digital Communications Governance, What It Is, How Theta Lake Fits and What You Need To Know

Posted by Garth Landers on Jul 26, 2023 9:43:00 AM

A new market category for communications compliance

On July 14, Gartner introduced a new market segment called Digital Communications Governance in two of their Hype Cycles, in both Storage and Data Protection and Data Security. Gartner clients use Hype Cycles to evaluate the maturity, adoption, and social application of specific technologies. Gartner listed Theta Lake as a sample vendor in this category.

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Zoom Contact Center and Theta Lake: Another Addition to a Powerful Partnership

Posted by Garth Landers on Jul 10, 2023 10:14:09 AM

Since 2018, Theta Lake has partnered with Zoom to provide cutting-edge compliance and security for Zoom's unified communications (UC) suite. Our expertise in delivering deep purpose-built compliance and security technology perfectly complements Zoom, particularly in addressing the compliance and security requirements of risk sensitive and highly regulated organizations when using Zoom. This evolving partnership has delivered significant value to leading organizations, including five of the top ten North American Banks, and resulted in Zoom's investment in Theta Lake in 2022. By leveraging this partnership, customers have the confidence to maximize comprehensive and compliant access to the latest Zoom apps and features.

With the most certified compliance and security apps on Zoom Marketplace, Theta Lake continually enhances our integration and deep technology to ensure every new Zoom innovation is covered with cutting-edge compliance.

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If it's June, it's time for Cisco Live!

Posted by Garth Landers on May 30, 2023 9:11:03 AM

We are excited to be a part of this years, very real, in person (as well as visual) Cisco Live in Las Vegas June 4-8. If you’re not familiar with the event, Cisco Live delivers education and inspiration to technology innovators worldwide through large-scale events, as well as on-demand education. It is the premier destination for Cisco customers and partners to gain knowledge and to build community. 

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Theta Lake provides security and compliance for modern collaboration platforms using frictionless partner integrations with Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Slack, Zoom, and more. Using patented machine learning and NLP, Theta Lake detects risks in: video, voice, chat, and document content across what is shared, shown, spoken, and typed. Those risks are surfaced in an AI-assisted, patent-pending review workspace that adds consistency, efficiency, and scale for security and compliance teams. All of this enables organizations to safely realize the full ROI of a collaboration-first workplace while reducing the cost of security and compliance.

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